My career has taken many turns over the years - I have been a travel agent, a real estate agent, and a marketing director at a zoo! 

But I have found that my greatest passion is serving others as a mental health counselor. 

I began college at the tender age of 38, got my bachelors in Psychology, my Masters in Rehabilitation Counseling, and, finally, my PhD at UCF in Counselor Education. These degrees have allowed me to provide mental health services for students, court mandated clients, and folks with disabilities. I have done assessments, taught in counseling programs, presented at conferences, and have been professionally published. 

Now I find myself comfortably and happily settled into the role of therapist and have been in private practice for the last 8 years.

I have lived long enough to know that life isn’t about getting it “perfect.” Considering the diversity of our world, how do we even define that?? 

Many of our struggles come from trying to reach a standard that someone else has set, from fearing others' judgments, from comparing ourselves to others and feeling like we have fallen short somehow, or from not feeling like we have any control over our lives. I have come to believe that life is about figuring out who we really are and learning how we can be the best at that – flaws and all!

So I work to help folks grow into themselves, define their passions, move past depression and anxiety, overcome the effects of trauma, learn to cope with and adjust to stress, disability, and other challenging life events, and to forgive themselves and others.

I define myself as a humanistic/cognitive-behavioral therapist who uses Internal Family Systems concepts and believes in the healing potential of EMDR. Regardless of whether you are familiar with these terms, let me simply say that no matter the technique, I ultimately believe that our thoughts drive our emotions and behaviors. 

So, my focus is always on what you are thinking about yourself and your situation. What is going around and around in your head? How has situation X contributed to these thoughts? How do you define yourself and how is this affecting how you feel and what you do? 

Ask yourself: how many times a day do you say, “Wow! I really did that well! I am a good person! I can change my life! I know what I want”? 

If you are like many people, it was probably hard to keep down the critical voice as you read those questions, much less wholeheartedly agree with them! I believe that everyone can learn to respond to these questions in a healthy, self-affirming way. 

Being privileged to witness to this kind of growth in another person as they take their life back is the beauty and joy of my work. 

When I’m not helping others, you will find me exercising my other passions, such as gardening, traveling, fishing, reading, working with clay and glass mosaics, and spending quality time with family, friends, my husband, and our 4-legged "babies." 

I look forward to walking with you along your path to wellness.

       Dr. Robertson

Turn your face to the sun 
and the shadows fall behind you.

~Maori Proverb
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